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Buell Blast with tank cover, seat and air box cover removed
A 2001 Buell Blast with the gas tank cover, seat and air box removed to expose the carburetor.  for Canadian motorcyling on the West Coast of British Columbia

Buell P3 Blast modifications
Part One: Re-jet Carburetor

Some of the basic mods to a stock Buell P3 Blast are to help smooth out the flat spot in the mid-range and improve the breathability of the engine.

Our project involves replacing the stock muffler with an after-market exhaust system on my stock 2001 Buell Blast motorcycle.

To get the most performance, we don't want to just bolt on a new pipe without compensation in the fuel delivery department. This is achieved by re-jetting the carburetor.

On the Blast this entails removing the gas tank cover and air box for access to the carb.

There is ample space to remove the float bowl from the lower section of the carburetor.

The stock main and pilot jets are replaced with larger ones, providing more fuel to balance a less restrictive after-market exhaust system.

Why replace the stock exhaust system?

The change in jetting, combined with a less restrictive exhaust system delivers more power in the mid-range where it's needed the most.

It's also personal preference. The new exhaust system will weigh less than stock and looks more appealing.

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Exposed carb of 2001 Buell Blast

Turn fuel valve to off position.

It's not necessary to remove the carburetor to get at the float bowl.

Float bowl might be full of gas. Have some rags handy to catch any spills.

View of main jet and recessed pilot jet in Buell Blast carb

With the float bowl removed, the main jet and recessed pilot jet are revealed.

We replaced the stock jets with a #45 pilot jet and #170 main jet to complement the less restrictive exhaust system.

It's not necessary to buy an entire dynojet kit. Purchase the individual jets at your local Harley dealer.

Compare stock Buell Blast muffler with White Brothers E-Series exhaust system - CLICK TO OPEN NEXT PAGE!


Part Two: Replace Stock Exhaust System

Installation of the White Brothers E-Series exhaust system
on my 2001 Buell P3 Blast. For detailed information and photos click here!

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