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Compare stock Buell Blast muffler with White Brothers E-Series exhaust system
Compare the Buell Blast exhaust and header pipe with the White Brothers E-Series (header pipe not shown).

Buell Blast after-market header pipe - close up
The Buell Blast's stock mounting locations are used for the after-market pipe.

White Brothers muffler mounts in same place as stock
White Brothers E-Series muffler mounts on the left side only.

What a comparison!

Muffler size comparisonThe newly installed White Brother E-Series muffler and exhaust system is noticeably smaller in size and weight.




Buell P3 Blast modifications
Part Two: Replace Stock Exhaust System

An easy, cost efficient way to enhance the Blast is to replace the stock exhaust system with an after-market one.


Weighing eleven pounds lighter, the new exhaust system looks, sounds and performs better than stock.

See for yourself!

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Buell Blast with stock exhaust system


Buell Blast with White Brothers exhaust system

It wasn't until the White Brothers E-Series pipe and muffler, that the Blast really lived up to it's name.

Buell Blast after-market exhaust - close up

Oil changes are effortless now that the oil filter and transmission drain plug are easily accessible.


Buell Blast muffler mod

Better performance and better looking. This Buell Blast sounds bigger than it is, giving it more present on the road.



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When changing brands of exhaust systems, replace the exhaust port gaskets and retaining rings to prevent leaks.

We installed larger jets in the carb, but the engine still ran a bit lean.
(170 Main jet and 45 Pilot jet)Buell Blast carburetor - drill out air mixture screw plug for access.

We drilled out the metal plug exposing the air mixture screw.

After backing off the screw by 1 - 1 turns from the stock position, we found a bit of hidden power.

Installing a K&N air filter (Part No. BU-5000) helped the Blast breathe better.

Now this little bike bombs along great. No lean spot in the midrange anymore!

2001 Buell P3 Blast - carburetor rejet


Part One:

The first modification made to my 2001 Buell P3 Blast was rejetting the carburetor.
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