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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

2001 Buell Blast with after-market mods - Click to enlarge photo.Buell Blast

Changing Transmission Fluid

There are a few necessary steps in changing the transmission fluid on a Buell Blast.

This is a basic step by step guide on how this can be accomplished.


Drain the transmission fluid while the engine is hot.

Close up of transmission drain plug. Always drain fluid when engine is hot. Remove stock muffler to avoid spillage. Click to enlarge photoUse these tools
5/8" wrench to remove transmission drain plug.
Oil drain pan or suitable container

Note: You may want to cover or remove the stock exhaust
to avoid fluid spillage on muffler.

Keep the bike level and upright to fully drain transmission fluid into container.
Rock bike from side to side to get the last few ounces.

When completely drained, replace drain plug.

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Use these tools to remove the left foot peg bracket assembly for access to clutch inspection cover. - Click to enlarge photo.
Adding Transmission Fluid

To access the clutch inspection cover first the left foot peg bracket must be removed.

Removing Left Foot Peg Assembly
Use these tools

3/8" ratchet with extension
Universal joint and 9/16" socket

(note: be patient, universal joint tends to bind up)

Remove the seat,  Remove battery,  Move tranny breather tube aside

We also have an after-market crankcase breather tube modification.
It is necessary to remove this filter and breather tube at the T.

View of inner left frame and location of drain tube clamp. Enlarged photo not available.



Detach stock drain tube clamp
from the foot peg hanger
before removing assembly.




Close up of 3 nuts holding foot peg hanger onto inner frame of Buell Blast - Click to enlarge photo


Detach foot peg hanger assembly by removing the three nuts on inner left side of the frame.

Close up photo...

View under the Blast seat - 3 nuts on inner left frame to remove foot peg assembly for access to clutch inspection cover - Click to enlarge photo Removing another nut from left frame. Remove all 3 nuts. - Click to enlarge photo. Loosening one of the bolts that hold the foot peg assembly to the frame - Click to enlarge photo
Another view of removing nuts on foot peg hanger and frame - Click to enlarge photo Use socket extension with universal joint for better access to nuts - Click to enlarge photo

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Detach foot peg assembly from frame for
access to the clutch inspection cover.

After removing inner nuts from frame, detach and remove left foot peg assembly - Click photo to enlarge

Use No. 27 Torx bit to remove 3 screws on
clutch inspection cover.

Close up of Buell Blast clutch inspection cover - no enlarged photo available

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Fill Buell Blast with HD Sport-Trans transmission fluid - click to enlarge photo


Using suitable funnel add one quart of HD Sport-Trans fluid.

To complete; replace the clutch inspection cover, foot peg hanger assembly, reclamp breather tubes, install battery and replace seat.


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and this site is not liable for how it is construed by a viewer.

get info on Buell motorcycles including S3 and Blast

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