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Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

Advertising helps support the free information on this site.

Buell® American Motorcycles

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get info on Buell motorcycles including S3 and Blast

1999 Buell S3 Thunderbolt with Pro Series kit

Get Tech...

(click photos to enlarge)
Buell S3 primary chain tensioner, old and new comparisonPrimary Chain Tensioner
Stock is prone to breaking where the threaded rod goes through the flat bar.

The updated version has a much thicker flat bar which should prevent breakage.

Inside primary cover see grooves created by slop in chain
Periodically check tension
Keep an eye on the primary tension or the chain will rub against the inside of the primary cover.

Inside primary cover see grooves created by slop in chain

1999 Buell S3 Thunderbolt

Buell's Pro Series race kit makes this Thunderbolt more ride-able whether in city traffic, droning on the highway, or flicking through a twisty road.

My list of backyard tricks include;

  • Pro Series Race Kit:
    Carbon Fiber air cleaner assembly with K&N Air Filter. Race exhaust with muffler and race Engine Computer Module (ECM).

  • K&N mini Billet Fuel Filter

  • ASB lower front Polyurethane Exhaust Bushing

  • 2001 Cylinders, front Brake Rotor and rear Shock and an updated Primary Tensioner

Our Buell S3 Thunderbolt projects:

Pro Series | DDFI | Fuel Filter Recall | Winterize


get info on Buell motorcycles including S3 and Blast

2001 Buell Blast with White Brothers E-Series exhaust

Get Tech...

Crankcase Breather Tube

The Buell Blast's stock breather tube vents down the carb in an attempt to re-burn the vapors to meet emission standards.Breathe the air on a Blast...

A disadvantage to this is liquids also go down the intake and create deposits in the combustion chamber, gumming up the spark plug and robbing the engine of horsepower.

To make the motorcycle run cleaner, we vented the vapors into the atmosphere by rerouting the breather tube under the seat while retaining the original drain tube.

To let vapors out and prevent liquids from misting out onto the bike, we capped it with a K&N breather filter.

Before you begin this modification, you need to remove the gas tank. (See article on this page)

(click photos to enlarge)
Buell Blast breather tube
Trim off two barbs from tip of PCV valve. Turn it 180 degrees. Route hose with sleeve through hole in frame, bypassing original tee at the airbox.

T-fitting on breather tube

Tee off just above the rear of the primary cover, retaining original drain tube.

K&N breather filter under Blast seat
Route breather tube under seat and cap with a breather filter (We used K&N. Part No. 62-1000). Tie wrap to secure. Plug hole in air-box to prevent dirt from entering.

After running the Blast with this set up, the bike runs cleaner inside and out. It's good to check and drain any sludge from the tube periodically, at least twice a month when ridden regularly.

2001 Buell Blast

Tiny but Tough
Don't let this little single cylinder motorcycle fool you. 500cc and some after-market modifications make this Buell Blast live up to it's pre-production code name; Thor.

What we've done;

  • White Brothers E-Series exhaust system and re-jetted carburetor

    Editor note:
    WB has discontinued the E-Series. Other after-market exhaust systems are available. Try searching Vance & Hines, Kerker or contact a Buell dealer for more information.

  • Reroute crankcase breather tube. (See article on the left)

These mods fill the dip in the torque curve of the stock setup. There's no lean spot in the mid-range anymore.

Our Buell Blast projects:

Clutch Cable Adjustment

Change Transmission Fluid

Re jet carburetor

After-market exhaust


Browse through our Buell Blast photo journal for pictures of the stock 2001 Buell P3 Blast.

How to remove Buell Blast gas tank

Remove tube from gas tank vent, located near the gas cap.

Remove seat then remove bolt at back of tank cover. Slip ring off oil filler and remove tank cover.

Turn off fuel valve before disconnecting fuel line. There will be fuel in the line so have a rag handy.

Remove two bolts from back of tank.
There are two rubber sleeves that help position the tank and act as a vibration dampener. Slide these two rubber sleeves off the frame.

Finally, slide the tank back and off to remove.

To prevent any gas spills when placing the tank aside, make certain the tank isn't resting on the fuel valve.

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