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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

Gone but not forgotten

This 2001 Buell Blast was a real sleeper! Looks plain but did over 150 mph with a loud growl from the pipe to show that it's not just another learner bike!Loss of a Motorcycle


A motorcyclist never forgets their first bike. Although I started out on a Yamaha XS400, the 2001 Buell Blast was my first new motorcycle.

The Blast fit perfectly. I was content with the motorcycle. Resigned to the fact that no other sport bike or standard style motorcycle would fit, I chose to modify the Blast.

By no means a specialty bike, my Buell Blast definitely had a sound and feel of it's own.


Dash panel of my 2001 Buell Blast. Aftermarket rev light enhancement. Never got a chance to try it out...



Enhancing the performance helped the motorcycle grow with my own riding ability.

More than a mode of transportation. Motorcycling changed my lifestyle; meeting new and interesting people from all over the world with the same intensity of passion for a sport called; motorcycling.

Pro Series Cams for Buell Blast what a great christmas present!


Unfortunately the heavy hand of fate asserted it's authority and my future in motorcycling drastically changed.

I became a victim of theft. My prized and sweetly modified motorcycle was stolen. I never thought it would happen, since I lock and chain up the motorcycle every night. The riding season was way too young to be without a motorcycle!


Looking back at my first days with the Buell Blast. Great confidence building bike.

All the time and effort to enhance the motorcycle went down the drain.Thankfully I had accurate documents showing the value of parts involved and insurance compensated with a fair price.





Lo enjoys her new BMW F650 CS - small yet effective!





Now I ride a new BMW F650CS which can't be compared with that entry level bike. The engineering of this new single cylinder motorcycle is top-notch and I love riding my Beemer but will always hold a special place in my heart for that little Blast that started it all.

Lorraine Scott

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