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Advertising supports the free information on this site.

Lock it and Lose it Anyway!

A lesson learned in securing a motorcycle

We take care of our motorcycles and make sure to secure them before walking away. This goes double when securing the bikes at home. Ironically the secured parkade in our apartment building isn't enough to keep out the scumming thieves so I chained up my bike securely to a post within the parking stall.The shock of an empty parking stall has any victim feeling powerless. This galvanized steel chain was not a very good theft deterent.

To be awoken before 7 a.m. by the police reporting they saw my motorcycle being ridden eractically through the streets of New Westminster was just bizarre.

Unfortunately it was my bike and I had the empty stall to prove it.

Obviously it was a case of lock it and lose it anyway.

From that lesson I learned that no matter how much you secure a motorcycle the possibly of it being stolen still exists. The motivation for securing a motorcycle is to slow down a potential thief long enough to cause disinterest. I don't think there is one single item on the market that can do this. However using multiple deterents could pay off. Sure it takes extra time to add these security items, but don't you think it's worth it?

Types of Motorcycle Security Devices:

Hardened steel chains
Loop through wheel and something sturdy to secure it around.
Use with a good padlock.

Disk Lock for the front brake on a motorcycleDisk lock
Clamps around the front brake rotor preventing the bike from being wheeled away. Some have a tamper alarm.

Cable lock
Kryptonite and many other brands that have locking cable ends that snap together.

Cobra link is more difficult to cut through than regular chain.Cobra link style locks
Hardened steel links surrounding the cable prevents it from being cut.

Audible theft deterent. Some have pagers; an excellent option for underground parking lots.

Bike Brace - a permanent solution to your motorcycle parking problems. CLICK TO OPEN THEIR WEBSITE!Bike Brace
A permanent locking system that mounts to the floor, securing the bike to the ground and preventing it from being moved.

Out of sight out of mind
Cover it, lock it away somewhere out of view.


Thread a cable through both wheels to lock 2 bikes together. This makes it more difficult for a thief.

Ideally you should lock a motorcycle to something even if it's another motorcycle.

If a thief wants your bike bad enough he'll get it.

All you can do is make it more difficult.


Before anything happens, protect yourself.

Make sure you have enough insurance to cover the loss of your motorcycle. Some policies let you determine the declared value of your bike but you'd better have proof of receipts to back up a claim. For a nominal fee you can have your motorcycle appraised to ensure it's value should it be stolen. Enquire at an insurance broker.

Somethings work out for the best.

After settling my insurance claim, a call from the the police revealed a fitting end to this ordeal. My stolen motorcycle was recovered in tear down condition along with other stolen goods and some people were apprehended.

Lucky to be riding at all this season, I'm enjoying a new bike with much learned about securing a motorcycle.

Lorraine Scott Editor

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