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Spring Daytrip April 2000

Roadtrip 2000
Duffy Lake Daytrip

Originally, a relatively short trip was planned along Hwy 7 with Hope, British Columbia as the final destination. However the beautiful weather and great running Buells Map of "Lillooet Loop"tempt us to push it further.

Our modified day trip included the "Lillooet Loop", which is a diverse region of Southern British Columbia. Rural roads Hwy 12 turn of at Lyttonthrough evergreen forests lead onto the highway escorted by the Fraser River for a bit until the turn off at Lytton. Proceeding West along Hwy 12, the meandering road was deserted except for a few vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.Don and Lorraine with S3

You still had to be aware of fallen rocks and deteriorating pavement. As passenger, at one point I was looking over the edge of pavement into the abyss. (Yikes!) Thank goodness there is a great trust between passenger and rider.X1 at gas stop

After a quick fuel stop in Lillooet we headed South West along Hwy 99. Riding through snowbanks in higher elevations, the twisting road offers magnificent views of the glacial mountains and ice thawing lakes.

Duffy Lake looking WestShortly after passing through Pemberton heading south along Hwy 99, there was a slight mishap with John's X1. Apparently the muffler mounting strap gaveway and alas, the Supertrapp lies wounded on the roadway.

We had to come up with a solution to this dilemma. As most BuellersDuffy Lake looking East capable of overcoming roadside obstacles (chuckle, we know who we are), we wrapped my scarf around the pipe to protect the paint on the X1 as John had to carry the offending pipe for the remainder of the trip.The bikes put on about 600 Kmh and we managed to get home without any further mishaps.

Another full, fine day of Buelling!

Lorraine Scott




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