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RoadTrip 2002

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Motorcycle roadtrip, helmet view.BORDER RAID 2002

Labour Day Weekend

Finally able to participate in this annual motorcycle ride up the Sea to Sky highway and beyond, we enjoyed riding with our American friends through the mountains of Duffey Lake.

The weather was cool but sunny and the ride from Vancouver to Whistler was interesting to say the least. Running with the traffic proved once again that a motorcycle can easily outwit a cage.

There were a few mishaps on Sunday's Duffey Lake Road journey. A couple of riders went down. But, thankfully no life-threatening injuries.

The first incidence involved what seemed to be a novice, apprehensive motorhome driver. She put on her right signal then decided to swerve left as a rider attempted to pass. Unfortunately there wasn't room for error and the bike went down. The rider was okay but sustained some damage to the left side of his Buell.

The other incident happened further along.  From what other riders say, the other mishap looked serious as they rounded the corner to see a downed bike dangerously close to the edge of a steep cliff, with bystanders peering down the precipice. Thankfully they were just looking at what could have happened. Apparently the rider and his motorcycle slid precariously close to the edge of the road. Thank goodness the Rider Spirits are with us!

Once we got to Lytton, replenished fluids and had lunch, it was time to split up the group. Some went to Merritt and headed toward Kamloops and Osoyoos while a group of us headed south toward Vancouver.

Enjoy the photos and read more about our motorcycling adventures.

( Click photos to enlarge. Mouseover for additional comments)

So... no bar stool til dark, right Deb?

It's tough to stop to take photos on the Sea to Sky Highway. So once landed, we opted to take pictures of the blurry bar flies instead.

We really know how to charm the bartender.

Thank goodness for nice people that offer to take photos for the group.

The group gathers in Whistler Village for our Sunday morning ride.

Proving once again, that you can party all night and still be perky for the next day's ride ahead.

Please... no close ups!

The scenery settles upon us as we take a moment to notice. A moment of silence before the engines roar to life.

Stopping to breathe the fresh mountain air, on the shores of Duffey Lake.

Enjoy the view now... cuz when you're riding these twisty roads it's tough to sightsee!

With a large group of bikes it's easy to overtake the parking lot. Can you believe the lady in the little motorhome that honked at us? Not very smart huh?

A rare view is seeing these motorcycles at a standstill.

That's Seton Lake in the background, for those of you going to fast to read the signs, LOL!

Just when you thought sitting on a bike was uncomfortable after a few miles.

Not the best place to loiter... But hey, Bikers are thrill seekers whether riding or not!


Here's Brandon's Buell S1 with new paint on the tank.

I wish there were more photos of the motorcycles. Guess everyone was just too fast...

Catch ya next time!

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