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Summer 1999

Roadtrip 1999
Battle for a Cure. Puyallup, Wa.

Being passenger doesn't mean being passive!

Our first weekend road trip on the new Buell was, predictably, a lot of fun! Due in part to the friends and also the motorcycle.

Friday, June 25th We headed down to Washington State for a visit with some of our Buell Buddies. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality Bob and Debbie!

Saturday, June 26th the Battle for a Cure, hosted by Gumby, had numerous events including a motorcycle drill team and Battle Trax which was organized by Reg Kittrelle. Funds were raised for the American Diabetes Association and the day was a great success. Don, as well as some other Buell Buds, participated in the Battle Trax Event. It consists of coning off a track to test your riding skills through tight cornering and looks very challenging but the key is to be smooth, not fast.

Don, no doubt, was anxious to get some time on the practice course and got some fair times in. (43 seconds) and was shaving down his time with almost every run. Unfortunately during a well-executed tight turn the shifter peg snapped off, temporarily disabling the bike. Not to be deterred, we drove to Destination Harley Davidson, in Tacoma and purchased a replacement. Don had the Buell ready in time for the afternoon competition. No trophies this time Don, but if grins count, it's a winner and heck, he had a lot of fun doing it!

I don't recall exact times but trophies were won by Bob Gussenhoven, who had one of the top times of the day in the S3 Thunderbolt class. Debbie Gussenhoven received a trophy as well, riding her X1 Lightning. Scott Moon, from Eastside Buell in Bellevue, Washington had the quickest time of the day overall, including the practice sessions. What a great team of riders! Unfortunately Don Scott didn't get a trophy this year, but he got a consolation prize; a new shifter lever. Well....okay he paid for that himself.


Click on the picture to enlarge.

Here's a bit of trick photography, showing Don staged
as well as finishing at the same time to give you
an idea of the track layout for the Battle Trax.

That's Reg Kittrelle on the far left.
He did an awesome job of organizing
this challenging event, as did all of the volunteers.
Thanks everyone for such a fun day! :o)




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