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Roadtrips 2001

The view of Mount St. Helen's volcano is spectacular.

The view of Mount St. Helens volcano is spectacular as always, but this year I was concentrating on riding through those technical twisties.

Summer 2001

Sport Lap Around St. Helens

For four years we've been doing the annual weekend ride around Mount St. Helens with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. The party usually consists mainly Buells, but year after year there's more variety... Harley, Triumph, Ducati, Honda to name a few.

We even came across other riding groups (a RAT Pack among them). Guess the word's out on how spectacular those roads are!

This ride was special in a personal way, being the first year I rode my own motorcycle.

The jaunt up to Windy Ridge and back kept me on my toes. Low speed skills practiced endlessly have shown their worth on this trip and I still wear a silly grin from the experience.

~Click on photos to enlarge~

2 of the 3 Girls riding on our ride around St. Helens
Among 15 riders in the group, 3 of us were women...
Our number is growing girls!
Ride On!   ; )

Girl Riders Rock!

For my inaugural ride to St. Helens it was befitting that everyone rode solo.


The top of Windy Ridge where a couple groups of motorcycles pose for photos.
This year we saw other motorcycle groups and even helped a crashed rider from a Triumph group.
See? Sometimes riders stick together... at least we try!

Miner's Car monument at Mount St. Helens volcano site.
A sorry ending for this miner's car,  squashed when Mount St. Helens erupted .

Buells, Harleys and an adventureous group of motorcycle riders.


We'd much rather ride our motorcycles!





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