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Roadtrip 2000
South to San Francisco

If you haven't read the first part of this trip,
go here first before reading onward.



Southbound along Hwy 101
from Rockaway Beach, Oregon


A beautiful sunset on our first coastal evening was a good omen for our trip. Read some excerpts from the travel diary and enjoy photos up close by clicking on them.


So, it's down to two Buells and 3 people, which definitely seems strange after traveling in such a large group for a few days. They become your road family and you feelcove1asm.jpg safe should a motorcycle mishap comes to pass. Even with two motorcycles, you have a better chance in getting through almost any roadside misadventure. There is also a network of people to call along our travels should serious trouble arise. (Praying that it doesn't though!)


The change of scenery from mid state to the coast is refreshing. I can't get enough of the Pacific Ocean and it's craggy coastline. These roads were meant for motorcycles and our Buell lived up to it's sport touring genre without a hitch. Well... almost!

John's SuperTrapp muffler continued to be a problem but surfinsm.jpgDon used a coat hanger to finesse another band-aid fix to keep it secured on. However, it was now our turn to have difficulties. The front Pro Series muffler mount broke, but thankfully we were just outside of Florence, Oregon and found a muffler shop that could weld it. Within the hour we were on our way again...

mendcoastsm.jpg Eventually we cross the California Border and stop in Crescent City for refreshment and a bit of goofing around before continuing with a nice ride through the Giant Redwood Forest.Mendocino, CA




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