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RoadTrip 2002

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SPLASH - Sport Lap Around St. Helens

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Beyond the volcano - July 2002

A healthy gathering of 30 riders on various motorcycles, the sixth annual SPLASH ride proved extremely exhilarating.

Incorporating the well-known curves of Mount St. Helens with unfamiliar twisting roads and breathtaking scenery that tempts the road-focused eye.

The extended ride had small sections of gravel joining the undulating roads through Mount Adams, along the Columbia River and back up toward Packwood, Washington.

The generous hospitality of our American friends is always appreciated.
Thanks to Bob and Debbie for letting us crash at their house before the trip.
Also thanks go to Chris and Loni for the Friday night feast.

Enjoy the photos and read more about our motorcycling adventures.

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Friday night, everyone enjoyed a BBQ hosted by
Chris and Loni.
Getting reacquainted and meeting new riders is a highlight of evening.

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About thirty riders gathered and mingled among various motorcycles on Saturday morning.
Unlike previous trips, the weather proved flawless and we anticipated the ride ahead.


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Although not as official as it looks, our "rider's meeting" touched on passing courtesy and the basics of group ride philosophy.

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A gas stop and break followed the familiar first leg of our motorcycle trip.

Locals are accustomed to another rolling motorcycle show that frequents the curvaceous roads surrounding their homes.

A new unfamiliar section takes us past Mount Adams and along the Columbia River. The serpentine ribbon of road was a fantastic addition to SPLASH.

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However, unfamiliar road combined with too much entrance speed, fatigue and poor judgement results in running wide and off the pavement.
Don crashed the Buell.


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A split second decision: either lean hard or brake hard.

Dismissing the hope of making the corner in favour of more brakes, Don tossed it onto the dirt and grassy shoulder.
With lighter force than if it crashed on pavement, he thankfully wasn't injured and although the Buell sustained some damage it was rideable.

Thanks for the signal lights Jim!
Thanks to Stuart @ Deeley's House of Buell for your help.


Saturday Night's alright for HotShoeing.

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Bob presented Mike with some steel shoes to commemorate last year's popcan spark show.

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These pictures don't do it justice, but those of you that were there will definitely get a spark out of them!click to enlargeclick to enlarge





After the spectacular spark show, Mike gives the seal of approval.
Hmmm... could this be the beginning of a new fad?

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Sunday morning and the gathering splits into groups to head home.

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Chris enjoys a turn on the Buell XB9R Firebolt.


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Debbie and Bob Gussenhoven.
True Blue motorcycle enthusiasts on their Triumphs;
Speed Triple and Sprint S/T.

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Matt on his Ducati, never misses a SPLASH event.

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Loni and her spiffy Sporty.

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A few of the "Canadians" - Jim, Harvey and John.

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Mike and Kim - experienced and novice provide the true yin-yang of motorcycling.

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Michael can't help but get in the middle of the women motorcyclists;
Kim, Lorraine, Debbie and Loni.

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The bonus of a roadtrip is meeting other motorcycle enthusiasts...
John and Julie riding a Buell X1.

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It's just a scratch, Deb.


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